It’s your wit, your age, your smile

Let them stay with me for a little while

Hold me in your stare like it’s the last time

While I’ll keep your face in the memory of mine.


It was so sudden so sweet and insane

Never thought this admiration will remain

I heard you talk and you left me in awe

An interesting mind, I thought so.


I long to be lost in the melody of love

Cause I have a shallow feeling of being in love

Just like the ocean anticipating for the river

Don’t you think you deserve a significant other?


You will soon leave whether I like it or not

You can heed to your calling or tie a knot

I just sometimes wonder what it feels like

If we let our feelings fly freely like a kite.


I remember you in the silence of the night

Of every yearning for Mr. Right

At times my mind wishes to walk away

But my heart says please stay.


How long should I wait for silence to speak?

When will I know if it’s really you I seek?

What’s pulling me in and what’s holding you back?

Should I wait for your love or should I accept the sad fact?



*I do not own the posted image. All rights belong to its rightful owner.

  1. hoshi says:

    galing ng rhyme and hanep ang message, nakaka-relate ako. hehehehehe


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