Dark Days

Dark days is one of the seasons of life.

There are certain days when you feel not so great about yourself. When your dreams seem so vague. When people seem so rude. And when your heart is full of ache.

This isn’t the first time she felt this way.  She had several dark days in her life before.  And they all have two things in common: she feels so powerless and insignificant.

I know all the right words to offer.  But I know as well how her heart has gone numb. She may hear you, but she won’t listen. She will agree with you, but she won’t do it. Yes. She is extremely complicated.

I fully understand all her sorrow, misery and pain. But behind those things are her yearning for love, for reason and for peace of mind. Deep in her heart, she desires to make a difference. Because there are times when she feels like she can rule the world. Or can be the president of this country. But the world is sometimes cruel. They won’t allow her. They won’t believe her. And it drags her down.

Leo Tolstoy once said that everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. And it dawned on her that she should start changing herself first. Well I think that’s natural. That a part of us really desire to be a better person than we are yesterday. But we have to acknowledge that sometimes things are too hard to handle. Too painful to absorb. And too difficult to understand.

And so at times she would find herself waking up with no reason to get up, moving with no direction, working with no progress and living with no eagerness.

She’s complicated. She really is. Is she the only one like this? No. I think many of us are like her. Many of us aim to realize our potentials; we hope that people would somehow be considerate; we want the world to hear us; and we definitely want to love and be loved.

Still, after all these depressing feelings… I know that she can’t afford to stop. She’s got to keep on going.

Let me quote an FB post with substance by my fb friend named L. Legaspi:

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Quitters never win. Too many clichés in one status, but those are the truth–otherwise, they won’t be cliché. Momentum isn’t built if you don’t keep going. Keep going. Let me say it again: KEEP GOING. When it gets too hard, too painful, too unimaginable–KEEP GOING. Until you get past that pain point and you’ve outgrown yourself. Then you will see the rewarding fruit of the momentum.


Yes, this season is going to pass. Just keep on going. 

*I do not own the posted image. All rights belong to its rightful owner.


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